Dear Visitors,

The recently opened Consular Office of our Embassy has been overwhelmed with your interest. This resulted in the swift overbooking of our appointment slots for more than a month in advance as well as delays in processing the applications.

We kindly ask you to take these possible delays into consideration while planning your traveling and/or documentation needs.

The Consular Office is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00. You may call us on telephone number (+63 2) 816 7383 outside of our above mentioned business hours to receive further information.

Please make your appointment inquiry through the following e-mail address: identifying the consular service you wish to avail (ie. Visa, Legalization, Passport, Authentication, etc.). In case of visa appointment, please send us the data page of your passport and the airplane ticket reservation. We strongly advise against buying the airplane ticket until your visa is issued, as the Embassy cannot be held liable for any costs arising from a possible delay.

We would also like to call the attention of visa applicants and their Hungarian relatives, sponsors that Philippine nationals (in particular first travelers, newlyweds, fiancés travelling to marry and others) should strictly abide by the guidelines of the Philippine Immigration Authorities. These regulations are thoroughly observed on all outbound flights (including inspection at the airport, possession of necessary documents, Guidance and Counseling Certificate etc.) Upon the decision of the Airport Immigration Authorities, some passengers may be delayed or even banned from flying. Please read the following information carefully:

Thank you for your attention.