New rules on the entry into Hungary

Due to the developing global coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Hungary introduced new regulations (408/2020 - VIII. 30.) on the entry rules into Hungary while keeping in force the previous decree No. 341/2020. Please find below the main regulations in force as of September 1, 2020:

Entry of Hungarian nationals is permitted from all countries, however 14 days quarantine is mandatory.

Entry for foreigners from any country is forbidden, except:

  • immediate family members of Hungarian nationals
  • immediate family members of foreigners with residency permit in Hungary

(Hungarian or registered marriage certificate or other documents is necessary)

  • member or designate of a Hungarian sports club returning from a sports event abroad
  • participant of a sport event in Hungary
  • those whose entry was authorized by the Border Police


Foreigners authorized to enter Hungary shall undergo 14 days of quarantine except those in international transportation of goods, official delegates and documented COVID survivors. Shortening of quarantine can only be allowed after presenting 2 negative test results both conducted in Hungary 48 hours apart from each other. Foreign tests are not accepted.

Please note, that Schengen visa applications are still not accepted at the Consulate other than submitted by immediate family members or essential and exceptional cases authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary individually.

However applications for residency permits (family reunification, employment, study) are still allowed. Those with residency permits or with D visas are allowed to enter Hungary. All travelers are subject to 14 days of quarantine.

Entry authorization can be obtained online at the website of the Hungarian Border Police:

Please make sure that you are informed about the entry rules of all countries where you have to transit to reach your destination in Hungary.